Hi Nathan, my little boy is 9 months with CF, I find your story truly inspirational, thank you. I am from a big rugby family & can’t wait for him to play rugby tots in a few years. Just wondered, do you mind me asking what other supplements you take besides your vitamins & enzyme replacement & if you are pancreatic sufficient?
Many thanks,

Hi Therese,

Thank you so much for the kind words and contacting me. I’m glad to hear that there is another little CFer that’s going to be a rugby player in the near future. In terms of supplements I take a lot things for sports, which include protein and creatine, but I didn’t start these till I started lifting properly around the age of 15. I also take hydralytes and salt tablets to help with the salt deficiency and energy levels.

I hope this is of some assistance, if there is anything else don’t hesitate to contact me



Hi Nathan, just heard you have CF, I am also a CF person, and like yourself very fit and live a fantastic life, lived in London for 7 years in my 20’s! Im 37 and never been in hospital!!! Good luck with everything in life….Cheers

Hi Lisa,

Thank you very much for contacting me, it’s very nice to hear stories such as yours and that you are doing so well.

All the best,


Hey Nathan I would just like to say your story is inspirational I am currently 17 and have cystic fibrosis. Keep playing.

Hi Brock,

Thank you very much for your message and kind words. I really appreciate it. I hope your keeping well.

All the best,


Hi Nathan,
I’m a massive Western Force fan and you’re my favourite player.
I was talking to you just before you started hyperventilating after the Waratahs game at Nib Stadium.
I asked you ‘How difficult is it having Cystic Fibrosis while playing as the starting Hooker for the Western Force’.
Hope you get better and can’t wait to see you at the Bulls game.
Cheers, Conor (number 1 Nathan Charles fan :D)

Hi Conor,

Thanks for contacting me; I’m extremely chuffed to be someone’s number 1 fan.

Hope your well and thanks for your ongoing support.



My question is, do you have any relations in Goulburn ? My wife’s maiden name is Charles.

My wife thinks you look like her father Jack Charles who was born in Goulburn . He is no longer alive.

My name is John Thurstun and I am 73 years old. We enjoy watching the Super 15 games on Foxtel.

Wishing you all the best in the competition this year.

Kind regards, John

Hi John,

Not that I know of, my pop who has now passed away spent a lot of time in Goulburn as a boy, he was an orphan so I don’t know if he knew of his brothers and sisters.

Thank you for the support and for contacting me.

I hope all is well.


Congratulation on making the Wallaby squad and you’re an inspiration to many people out there.
Couple of question if I may:
What is you middle initial L stands for?
Did you attend Knox Grammar all through high school?


Hi Teejay,

Thank you for the kind words. My middle name is Leigh and yes I attended Knox all throughout highschool from year 7 to 12

Thanks for contacting me,


Hi Nathan,

Firstly your are an inspiration to everyone!! Our Nephew Ayden has just successfully had a double lung transplant!! He to has CF, Ayden is 20years old. His cousin is completing a run from Melbourne to Sydney to raise both money & awareness!! It would be awesome if you could spread the word to your family, friends & fans. Check out the YouTube promo Aaron’s Ultra Marathon.
Kel xx

Hi Kel,

Thank you for contacting me with your kind words. I’m glad to hear that Ayden’s transplant was successful he must be a tough young man. I apologise for the delay in responding, how did his cousin go with raising funds and awareness?



Hi Nathan

My name is Ben and I am 17 years old with CF.

I was wondering what mutation of the CF Gene you have?
I was unfortunate to also have and enlarged spleen and liver disease which limited me greatly when it cam to contact sport. I had to give up AFL when I was 12 which was extremely hard. What would you recommend for a diet to put on a lot of weight.


Hi Ben,

My CF Gene is N131EK. It is unfortunate that you had to give up playing AFL and sorry to hear about your enlarged spleen and liver disease. You sound like a very strong young man and you should hold your head up high.

To gain weight I used the gym quite a lot to build muscle and healthy eating. I don’t do anything specific apart from training hard and putting the nutrients in my body, which allow me to compete at the elite level. Maybe if you see a nutritionist they will be able to set you a balanced diet, which will allow you to gain weight. Where abouts are you located? I maybe able to recommend a good nutritionist.