Getting ready for the season ahead

It’s January and there’s a little over a month before I run out onto the field to take on the Waratahs in Sydney for the Force’s first match of the 2015 season. Most of us have set rugby aside for a short break over Christmas but with the new season we’ve gotten back into training mode to make sure we are fit and playing well as a team.

Over summer, the aim of my gym routine is to reduce bulk and strain on my body by working in more cardio and lifting light weights with high reps – at the start of the season I switch gears, bulking up, lifting heavy weights over short reps four days a week for a little over an hour a time. I’m also working out with the team in the gym and running drills to freshen up my skills.

Fitness only forms part of the picture – nutrition is also vital so I am eating more protein and clean foods like brown rice, steamed vegetables, salad, red meat, tuna and chicken – you can read more about my nutrition via a previous blog here.

Another big part of the pre-season is to play in trial matches so that we can test our fitness, skills and to see how well we function as a team. This year we are playing two trial games before the season starts and the experience is particularly important for me as I’m returning from an extended break due to my injury. I find these trial matches help me get back into the swing of things on the field and build my confidence.

You’ve probably been to a few trial matches, but if you haven’t they are pretty much the same as a regular match, however, they are a bit rougher as the teams are getting their patterns and learning’s down pat. In some years a trial can be held in a regional town so that we can meet rugby fans who can’t get to matches frequently; this year our two trials will be held at McGillivray Oval in Perth. Keep your eye on the Force’s Facebook or website for game details.

The summer and pre-season preparation is vital to a successful season as I get fit, recover from injuries and eat healthy to prevent minor issues or injuries become major ones.

It’s so important to make sure I’m fit, recovered from injuries and eating healthy when starting a season because any issues now will become major issues without the proper preparation.

If you’re in Sydney and you want to watch my first game since my injury last year you can come out to Alianz Stadium and watch us take on the Waratahs kicking off at 4:05pm on Sunday 15 February.

See you all soon!

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