Kicking goals

Any elite athlete will tell you achieving success takes a lot of determination, hard work and belief in your ability – this has certainly been my experience. A big part of achieving my success has come down to goal setting, so as we reach the end of the year I use the summer break to review my 2014 goals.

Here’s two goals I set at the start of 2014

  1. Get selected to the Wallabies squad
  2. Represent my country and get my first Test Cap.

The Wallabies goal has been with me since I was playing under 7’s at Wahroonga Tigers, but I decided 2014 would be the year I made it happen. This goal wasn’t going to be an easy to achieve, because selection is very competitive, but I wanted to stretch myself. In the end hard work and determination got me there.

The next goal, representing my country and getting my first Test Cap, was equally challenging because making it onto the Wallabies was only half the battle I had to prove myself on the field, and I am thankful I was able to not once but four times. This achievement stands out as the proudest in my career to date.

And as I go through my goal list achieving these feels surreal – in fact I’d probably have laughed if someone had told me a year ago I’d do!


How I set goals

With a team of coaches and support crew around me, I have plenty of guidance around goal setting, but, what I’ve learnt over the years is if you want to achieve a goal you need to do a few things.

Firstly, I take some time to think through my goals and then write them down – I think this makes them more real. I also keep them where I can see them every day so it’s at the top of my mind and I can tick them off as I achieve them.

My goals have a very specific outcome. This works best for me because I can hold myself to account if I don’t deliver, whereas a vague goal is easy to brush off.

And my last tip is to tell everyone your goals. They act as a support crew, checking in to make sure you’re doing the worked needed to achieve them.


When a goal isn’t achieved

For the goals I don’t achieve I review closely – perhaps there was an injury or something else happened that stopped me achieving it.

Importantly, I take what I’ve learned and apply it to my new goals – perhaps I need to develop a skill more before I can achieve the goal.


Try it for yourself

Goal setting has been crucial for my success and without them I wouldn’t have the amazing year I’ve had in 2014.

The start of the year is the perfect time to sit down and work out what your goals are for 2015.

So give it a go and feel free to let me know some of your goals by commenting below.

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