Life in the off-season

Summer in Australia is a time for slowing down, going to the beach, enjoying the heat, Christmas cheer and taking time off work or school to catch up with your mates and family. At the Force, 2014 has been the best year we’ve had in Super Rugby and we’re all taking a well-earned break with most of my team mates heading off to see family, hang out with mates or travel.  I’m about to do the same, but before I head east I thought I’d share what I get up to over the Christmas break.

As you might expect I’ve had a longer break than usual while I recuperate from the injury I got when playing against the All Blacks; I’m happy to say it’s healing nicely.

It’s not in my nature to sit still so I’ve been making the most of this time learning guitar and working at Your Local Finance, a mortgage broker, as I study a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Brokering. I need to take some time away from rugby from time to time and I’ve found it really interesting to learn new things.

December is a time I work on my weaknesses – for fitness I train areas of my body that need to be strengthened plus I reduce the bulk needed for rugby to give my body a break. To do this by doing higher reps with light weights rather than low reps heavy weights plus I throw in cardio work like running and swimming. It’s also a good time to look at my technique and work on the areas I want to improve in the new season.

It’s hard to talk about living in Perth without mentioning the beach – so I’m not going to try. We have some of the best beaches on our doorstep and I love nothing more than going swimming and being in the water. I zone out, and when I come out I feel fresh and ready to take on the world.

With my spare time I catch up with all the people I can’t see as much during the rugby season, including my girlfriend who has a busy schedule too with the Brisbane Firebirds.

All-in-all I’ve had an amazing year and the summer tops it off!

I’d like to know how you spend your summer – drop me a comment below.

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